California College

Looking for a California college? Or specifically, a college in Los Angeles?

Westwood College has four campuses in the Los Angeles area, with a variety of degree programs at each location.

Students that are considering attending college in Los Angeles will be pleased by everything the area has to offer, both educationally and recreationally. At Westwood’s California college campuses, students can choose from several degree programs within five schools: School of Design, School of Technology, School of Business, School of Healthcare and School of Criminal Justice. Whether you’re interested in business or technology schools in LA, Westwood College provides the career-focused education you need to enter the working world.

What’s it Like to Attend College in Southern California?

Along with the numerous degree options, recreational and cultural activities abound at each campus location. In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, students can enjoy every type of environment—urban cityscapes, lush parks, majestic mountains, bounteous beaches and much, much more. There’s a scene for every student! And the same applies for entertainment; concert venues, museums and sports arenas are just some of the many reasons why students delight in attending college in Los Angeles.

But before you make your decision to attend a California college, there are a few things you should know about the Southern California area, as well as the degree programs offered at Westwood College.

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